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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  December 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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. wild weather slammed the bay area today would what a one- two punch with rain and wind. that's something associated with air ports, the wind and singer turbulence caused -- senior turbulence caused by today's storm. with evening i'm can wane, had -- wayne, heather holmes is often i. it was of what -- wet and windy -- today, katv -- still underway hours after it fell, noel? hours after they thought they would be finished, we are at 62nd street.
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in oakland. take a look behind me see what is going on now, the cleanup crew for the tree is finishing up, behind them, bg and -- e.g. and is weighted to come in, the powers out to -- power is out to the neighborhood so they could take care of the downed tree, this is just a taste of what's to come this winter. >> the storm moving early bringing rain, high surf, swirling wind and slow track, the late sunday commute. >> now it's time for the cleanup. >> the storm transformed done avenue in to force -- the avenue into force. >> the rain coming down real hard, picked up really quickly. >> we heard a big noise and the power went out. >> open the blinds just to see if crash down. >> a tourist it struck -- attraction of sorts, a 60-foot
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treat split down the side, a web will ranches blocking the view. >> it's just the beginning of for -- five treat -- this winter, hopefully not on the house. >> the street -- normally cars are parked here. others were not so lucky. in san pablo, a large tree fell on to holmes and crushed a -- homes and crushed a car. in san francisco, the rain was too much forced warm drains and the winds too much for a tree that crashed on cars on franklin and mcallister. looks like the grinch visited grenville when the storm blew through taking down the town christmas tree. a few brave souls came to ocean beaches and services go -- in san francisco to experience the power of mother nature, bands of rain lined up offshore, the ocean turned and speed out the seafoam and the wind so blustery, i rain -- a rain in some sandstorm in one. >> it turned this billboard
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into a kite in daly city, though martin twit and this picture of flooded cars along 87 street, it is beginning to look a lot like winter. i hope that this is over soon because it looks really bad. the calm before the next storm. so years of drought left more than a few trees in the bay area, a good reminder to have a professional arborist check your tree to make sure they are healthy enough to withstand will could be a wet winter. >> we are still early in the season, thank you, we had to mark, how much rain fell in the area this morning. >> we were expecting heavy rainfall but when it the rainfall arrived, it was impressive. the cold front moved south, santa rosa, over an inch of rain, 1.07, san rafael an inch
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of rain, san francisco and oakland three quarters of an inch, san jose not as much, about a third of an in to half an -- have an inch redwood city. this is the main event, the powerful cold front racing across the bay area and that was the source of the very intense rainfall and the strong gusty winds, this was the case is morning across the bay -- bay area about 9:00 a.m. with the front, we had some strong winds. at 9:00 this morning, 63 miles an hour the wind gust recorded, livermore 40 miles, santa rosa 30 i've miles an hour, with advisory that was up has expired. here's the radar loop 12 hours. the next damage right now you get an idea of the bulk of the activity tapered off quite a bit. we have a few scattered showers. closer to the shoreline close
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to santa cruz county. a few showers out there but the main organized front packing heavy rain and strong winds have moved out of the region and producing significant snow in the sierra's area. the rainy weather is being blamed for an accident on interstate 580 that killed two parents writing with their two young children. the accident happened around 1030 this morning east of altamont in alameda county. the vehicle may have hydro leaning on pulling water on the road before it rolled over several times. the children ages five and six were taken to the hospital, one was traumatic injuries, the parents were pronounced dead at the scene. >> strong winds cause problems for airline passengers especially in oakland and alaska airlines pilot told traffic controllers who was nearly blown off the runway. just be advised, on take off, out of oakland, we encountered severe windshear.
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i describe it us best i can, the wind came across the runway and just about pushed us off the rain way. >> the pictures taken after it calm down. one pilot flying at 4000 feet said the strong down trap dropped the plane 300 feet as it was a poaching to land well it may have been a rough right, there were no injuries or damage and aircraft. today storm brought significant snowfall to the sierra. we will show you what it look like heading up to the mountains today. for all the latest weather news, you can log on to kate -- and updates on facebook and twitter, the obama administration is praising the deal reached yesterday after a two-week -- two week of talks yes in paris. at elisabeth plan has -- elisabeth plan has more from
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washington. >> president obama hosted the global climate change agreement is quote the best chance to save the planet " after weeks of negotiation 195 nations agreed to a deal an expected to reduce each country's global emission suggesting a major impetus in reducing fossil fuels and developing renewable sources -- in developing renewable sources of energy. traditionally the packs usually exempt developing countries but this we recent deal requires some action from every country including china and india. critics argue the deal forces the us and the european union to bear the brunt of cost promising 100 alien dollars annually to poor country. all of these upper class diplomats -- upper-class diplomats fly into paris on nice airplanes, stay in nice hotels, go to nice restaurants and write up a treaty which by the way has zero enforcement that resembles that -- the iranian agreement, no enforcement provisions and the big press conference to say
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that god are we really and ten hasn't this been a great week in paris and they go home and we are supposed to feel really happy about it. john kerry was quick to respond on fox news sunday saying its congresses fall there's no enforcement in the deal. one of the reasons there's no enforcement mechanism is because the united states congress will never accept one. it has to be voluntary. a lot of nations resent that come about we had a accept that because we believe it will move the marketplace. the the agreement also -- the increase average temperature across the world to below 2 degrees celsius. in washington, elizabeth prynne, fox news. it's a somber day of reflection in paris as people will march one month since the attacks that killed 10030 people and injured hundreds more. a steady stream of people stood in front of the concert hall where a memorial hold hundreds of flowers, candles and notes. eighty-nine people were killed there while attending the
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concert. i'm scared because i tried to understand why this happened. i tried to understand my people think that by killing people they will succeed in peace. it doesn't make sense. >> people also gathered today at the place of republic which has become a gathering place since the attacks. one of the attackers were killed that day, salah abdeslam remains at large. as the debate grows louder on gun control, and sells have spike and set a record in 2015. federal and state data show a big jump in sales on black friday and another one after the san bernardino shooting. firearms sales triggered 1.51 million background checks so far this year and higher than the 1.47 million background checks for all of last year. average nationwide gas prices are the lowest since
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2009 and consumed below $2 a gallon, drivers in some parts of the country seeing the low prices. prices are lowered due to -- lower due to high global supplies and weaker demand. the national average right now is 2.02 for regular in california, it's $2.60 9 cents a gallon. heating oil prices are also down 18% from what they were last year. natural gas is down nine% from last year. a san francisco woman is lucky to be alive after becoming stuck in the sofa bed for more than 12 hours. the 84-year-old woman lives alone and has no family nearby. on things giving, two police officers delivered food to her -- tour home and they returned the next day to check on her the woman did not answer the door but the officer said he heard her faintly crying out to them. when they got into her house, they found the woman so -- sofa sofa bed could frame cracked and she had fallen through and got stuck and she was sent to the hospital to recover and doing well.
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there's a republican front runner in iowa what one you will says trump's lead in the key caucus state. you have to wait a bit longer to see which woman will be put on the new 10-dollar bill. we will tell you what's behind the delay sub
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a new poll shows texas senator ted cruz leading in iowa ahead of donald trump. trump is not taking the news lately calling cruz a maniac on a -- crews a maniac on a sunday morning talk show. wish and fisher reports from -- russian fisher reports from washington. disney this new fox news poll -- another poll that came out yesterday used ahead of time ten points in iowa 31-21 according to this poll, ben carson third place followed by
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marco rubio would ten and everyone else's in single digits, ted cruz is come that clear front runner in iowa which means he was only a matter of time before trump started to attack him. you look at the way he is dealt with the senate where he goes in there like you know frankly like a little bit of a maniac, you will never get extend that way. you can't walk into the senate and scream and call people liars and not be able to cajole and get along with people. he will never get anything done and that's a problem with ted. hillary clinton continue to dominate in iowa and she's beating bernie sanders by 14 points. sanders is the only candidate republican or democrat with any campaign events today. the democrats will next to be on saturday the republicans on tuesday and earlier today cnn analyst which candidates made the main stage and -- in the air trump, -- and they are trump, crews, carson, rubio,
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bush, kasich, christie, fiorina and paul. the big new see here is ran paul, he barely made the cut and his campaign is calling it a huge moment, they say this is proof that paul is a top contender in the race. in washington. fox news. carly fiorina is headed back to the bay area tomorrow for another fundraiser, she's scheduled to attend a home of boris and robin feldman. fiorina was last in the bay area backing up tober for a fundraiser in piedmont. if -- it -- fiorina is said to take the stage in las vegas choose save for another residential primary debate, the debate hosted by cnn will be the fifth gop debate over the primary season. there will be nine candidates taking part, democratic debate is set for saturday december 19 in new hampshire. us treasury department announced it's delaying the
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redesign of the 10-dollar bill. alexander's hamiltons portrait which has been on the bill since i can 29 is set to be replaced by yet to be named woman. some women in the running are rosa parks and eleanor roosevelt, a selection is a post be made -- supposed be made on january 1st but officials delayed the redesign because they were swamped with public feedback. once the decision is made, it will be at least five years before the the new bills will be put into circulation sub seattle with set to decide if it will allow drivers over insuring companies like over -- uber and left to unionize, the city council is set to vote on it tomorrow, uber and lift drivers are independent contractors and not covered by the national uber relations act which allows for collective are getting, uber and others say that federal labor law prevents cities from regulating collect the bargaining for independent contractors in the ordinance will violate federal an -- and antitrust laws. all of the rain here in the bay area means a lot of snow in the
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sierra, while the new snow is nice for skiers and snowboarders, it's making travel tricky for many drivers. mike lurie reports from immigrant. tough to rein in the high sierra's today. weather outside for thousands of drivers was frightful. the snow was delightful for this young boy for from san ramon and tasty, too. >> case like ice and mixture of hail. >> creating extra work for -- july along -- fly along in san francisco. brian sacramento had to turn around from his trek up the mountain to get chains. finding that out the hard way. >> for the experienced travelers like paul kramer who has been driving a truck for 31 years, the biggest hazards are motorists who -- motorist who failed to get big rigs enough space to maneuver.
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>> they get in front of you and slammed the break and now we have -- . >> for those who made it up the hill. >> there was plenty of fresh new powder to go sledding. >> was the best part? family. >> getting wet. >> having fun. >> what better fun than to make a snowman in the sierra. >> make a snowman and snowman goes and -- and we build him and give him everything else. >> today's storm perhaps the best present of all. for to talk drivers and others who make a living -- for to truck drivers and others who make a living in the sierra. >> be sure to carry the chains -- change they are required right now in interstate 80 and highly 50, let's go to mark tamayo with the look at of the wet weather system, at -- other active system as well for this morning so producing a snowfall up in the sierra and snow storms as -- snowstorms as
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well. dropping throughout the day around 450024 -- 5000 feet. you can see the overall flow moving in from the pacific and still scattered rain showers that organize green rain band that was a friend from this morning. look at all the snowfall, ones that were inclined -- -- -- towards inclined village. some of the resorts, the snow accumulation for the highest peaks around ten to 20 inches that's expectation with the latest system. right now in the radar, like showers of their. we have the possibility of a shower or thunderstorm in the forecast for tonight, of course the winds are big factor today, the wind advisory has expired but still some gusty conditions , oakland gusting to 30 miles an hour, and more wind reports
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sfo 15 gusting to 25 miles an hour. union square is definitely big downpour this morning between nine to 10:00, right now if you clouds -- a few clouds, temperatures cooling-off period now it will be pretty chilly monday morning, cool spots doubt down to 30 in santa rosa and not by san francisco 49- cent is -- san jose 40 degrees. tomorrow, 7:00 a.m. scattered crowell -- clouds. forty to 50 degrees and -- 250 degrees and afternoon hours, partly cloudy, when you are heading home tomorrow evening by monday i a.m. will -- well-defined cold front across the bay area earlier today, the cold air remains in place, overnight low chilly, dry weather pattern developing for monday, choose a, wednesday, thursday, we bring in the slight chance of showers, and north be an -- bay and tracking some rain all for
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next weekend, still await -- but something to watch. the winter storm warning in place until 4:00 a.m. monday, snowfall around ten to 20 inches. tonight, possibility of shower but tomorrow partly sunny skies. they are drying is out for monday and next couple days. temperatures for tomorrow mainly in the 50s for -- the 50s for afternoon high, tennessee 56, have been be mid- fifties, -- half-moon they mid- fifties. >> slight chance of shower in the north a for friday, thursday and friday and more rain saturday and sunday but you can imagine today's rainfall about an hour deal with the front moving across the bay area, if that's told several hours, that is when you get sledding and the -- the flooding and the wind damage. >> thinks are working out, we need the rain but we are getting it in small dip --
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doses. >> 49ers. what can you say, we have the ugly details. the readers look to end and -- an eight-game losing streak to the rival broncos. jason appelbaum next with sports.
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life. just when you think you know where it's going, it takes you someplace else. covered california is here to help californians who need health insurance get it. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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the bay area chapter of -- santa's elves had in busy. volunteers -- raised almost $100,000 to make sure deserving children have something special to unwrap on christmas day. the way they do it is by teaching their own children the idea of giving back to you kids shop for children their own age and purchase items they would like to have. the toys will be presented to the salvation army for kids 18 to 16 on december 18 and 19. it's fun to talk about, the raiders still -- reader still could make the playoffs. >> if it is not open -- it's not often that we can say that about the raiders, it's -- readers, it's been quite some time. i am not sure what jack del rio said to the team at halftime but whatever it was it worked. they were absolutely awful in the first half, tons of miscues, incomplete passes, sac, minus 12 yards. in the first half today. but they did wake up in the
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third quarter after enduring a very rough first half cartoonist robbers, he kept both feet in touchdown it's good -- touchdowns good the raiders are down five 12-seven, mac, he was the man today i've sac for khalil mac, this one forces a safe he is the raiders inch closer deer -- they are down 12-nine, fourth-quarter, rader a field goal, michael rivera wide open raiders go for two for some reason they missed and they still lead 15-12 and mac again for good measure and this one pretty much does it, how we longs he ties how we longs record with five sacks, raiders beat the -- for the first time in denver, 15-12, with three to go. a few nine are -- or said needed after the game today the many -- they may have taken cleveland a little too lightly. imagine that, a four-18 taken
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another team lightly, you may not like johnny manziel but he is a showman signing 100-dollar bill before the game and then he got sacked, looking like a safety for the niners but corey met monday in the back grabbed manziel's face mask -- facemask so instead of two.for the niners it's an automatic first down for the cleveland browns, look at him showboating after that, blaine gabbert speaking of , he went down nine times today, blaine gabbert goes down nine times five times in the first half as the niners muster up 40 -- musser of 40 yards of total offense in the first half and manziel pay -- as the browns take a 17-three lead, browns the worst rushing team in the league, did not look like against the niners, i see up for well, 15 down across the down -- 145 yards and two touchdowns here's one of them, 49ers managed 127 years before
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the late garbage time, 24-ten and they dropped to four and nine teaching 49ers. >> the bengals come to town ten and three. >> without their quarterback who wrote the thumb on his throwing hand so and -- andy dalton a major blow to cincinnati today. may be -- maybe the 49ers have a chance. the bay area schools getting a lot of attention, see how it's getting kid a specialized education they may otherwise never have received. things were joining us and we will see tonight at 10:00 and we are always here for you at, facebook, twitter and apps. have a great night.
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i had a great idea. you know how we're always having to stop and solve differential equations, like when you're doing fourier analysis or using the schrodinger equation? howard doesn't. he's only an engineer. i was thinking, we could write a little app that would use handwriting recognition and then run it through a symbolic evaluation engine. you just use, take a picture of the equation and bam! you know what's a great app? the one that makes fart noises. you know, leonard, that's actually a valid idea. very good. can you say that and not make it sound like i'm a cat who learned how to use the toilet?


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